Welcome to Spectre

Everything you need to know about the Leadhub Spectre merger.

Leadhub clients will now gain access to a swathe of new features including enhanced reporting tools, postcard mailers and the option to add lettings, as well as many other powerful features.

Although you now have the ability to conduct your prospecting through Spectre, we have agreed that you will remain on the Leadhub pricing structure for the next 6 months. 

We're confident that with access to even more data and functionality with your new Spectre account, it should translate very quickly into more enquiries for your business.

We've already conducted a number of webinars to get you set up with your Spectre account. Don't worry if you missed these, you can watch it on-demand below.

Our award-winning Customer Success team are on hand to help you get started with your account. Whether it be enquiring about login details, or requesting a one-on-one training session, our team are here to help.

To contact our Customer Success team, email success@spectre.uk.com or call us on 0161 820 3007.