Spectre Property Reports

Instantly generate insightful reports on 25 million properties and build valuable relationships with buyers, prospects and vendors, at the touch of a button.

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Three Property Reports to help you seal the deal.

1. Buyer Information Report

Give consumers an insightful report to flick through at their own convenience - saving your agents hours of time answering the same questions about a property.

This report includes:

Group 12245@2xProperty type and location
Group 12245@2xBroadband and mobile coverage
Group 12245@2x
Local schools and transport links


2. Prospecting Report

Reach out to homeowners with compelling facts about their property that they’ll be delighted to receive - enticing them into booking a real appraisal with your agency.

This report includes:

Group 12245@2x
Estimated market valuation
Group 12245@2x
Value growth since purchase
Group 12245@2xLocal market activity


3. Market Appraisal Report

Arrive at an appraisal with physical evidence of what a property is worth and win clients over by presenting yourself as the trusted expert. 

This report includes:

Group 12245@2x
Average price of comparable property
Group 12245@2xRecently sold properties in the local area
Group 12245@2xTransaction values of recently sold properties

Elevate your agency above the competition. 

Spectre’s Property Reports will make your agents look prepared, professional and reputable - ensuring your competitors don’t stand a chance.

Group 12245@2xExpertly designed
Group 12245@2xFully agent-branded with your logo and colours
Group 12245@2xTotally bespoke to a specific property
Group 12245@2xAutomatically generated

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